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manufacture's process

 Several months get down, although income still permissible, but three girls do not satisfy the present situation, plans is expanding own sales method, daytime takes is manufacturing the good handpainted shoes, sells to main street and small alley's shop front, and guarantees may make to order, because has omitted the house rent, the tax affairs, the middle man, their goods supply price is lower than the current price on market by far, moreover several girls have the fine arts foundation of basic skills, the handpainted design needs compared to volume production these handpainted shoes even more fine, the fashionable individuality shop to be glad with Liu to cooperate very much.  

 Along with the service unceasing expansion, Liu “the bifurcation bifurcation handpainted” already had certainlyThe scale, Liu “handpainted has moved to the bifurcation bifurcation” from the metropolis village after three groups, and recruits the staff in own study younger brother study younger sister, opened own net shop, the network synchronization has sold own handpainted product. Now, not merely “the bifurcation bifurcation handpainted” the single makes the handpainted shoes, but also makes the handpainted T-shirt, the handpainted hat, the service also more does is broader, radiates to places such as Shandong.

  Liu said that handpainted is the fashionable individuality generation of expression, must let person first like, cannot be ugly and is uncoordinated. A higher level must be rich in the profound meaning. Human who to is putting on it perhaps has no intention to see the human,luxury goods
has some ponder opportunity. Even if only then little, the handpainted existence was more meaningful.

“makes the enterprise, is valued in the good faith, but product quality value and check, is an enterprise most basic good faith manifests, is also the enterprise to the consumer most solid responsibility.”

Jin Chairman Jiang Ming great shoes clothing Limited company opens intelligently like is the total guitar's road of management. Perhaps was once becomes a soldier the experience, let open intelligent chairman to have a deeper sense of responsibility to the society. Since the camel youth has created the sign, opens intelligent chairman continuously in line with “with loves the colleague” the management idea, in the product manufacturing, the brand operation, as well as aspects and so on enterprise culture construction constant is fulfilling the compassion idea.

The Chinese first young people sport equipment brand is born In the past's ten years, Jinjiang shoes business raised one to create the sign upsurge,organism dissolves
the numerous every large or small brands towered proudly into the skies in the shoes earth, 08 year financial crisis, was creates the sign upsurge belt to a new altitude, changed in abundance numerously by the foreign trade order form shoes business primarily the viewpoint the home, created the sign to become many enterprises independently not two electing.

In this creates in the sign unrest, opens realizes enterprise's development to face new one round intelligently the challenge, after undergoing a detailed thorough market survey and the research, makes creates sign's decision independently, however in homogenization phenomenon serious immediately, makes any brand to become the most important difficult problem which the bright great company faces. “before making the camel youth brand, the European and American market in then, the outdoor activity was very already popular, but in domestic, relatively is in vogue only then the adult outdoors equipment, the young people outdoors equips this market is a blank.”

Relies on many year foreign trade experiences, opens is inspired intelligently from the European and American market, and in 2009, Ming Weixie the clothing organized the camel youth outdoors equipment brand.

“we are first propose the young people sport concept enterprise, is also first locates the young people sport equipment the enterprise,profit question
in this process, we have already striven for the time, simultaneously has also won the space.”Opens regarding the company first proposed intelligently “the young people sport” the concept quite feels proudly.

However in the production manufacture's process, opened intelligently has met some troublesome, “our team formerly mainly produced the shoe, relatively was weak on clothing's production technology, but the outdoors equipment's production usually was the whole body necessary, to guarantee the product superiority, our earlier period has done the massive preparatory work, passed through contrasts the investigation in every way, achieved the cooperation with the field oral traditions good outdoors clothing Production enterprise, has solved the trouble which the clothing produced.”

In addition, opens intelligent chairman also to stress, to guarantee that the product the quality, in makes the shoes raw material selecting and purchasing as well as in the manufacture process, has deferred to the strictest standard to carry on, has promoted the cost imperceptibly,Hotel interior design contemporary style however compares with child's health actually and insignificant. After several years's development, the camel youth outdoors brand already proliferated the land, this sees clearly with an intelligent keen trade as well as is closely linked to the product quality strict check.

by Yyref | 2011-08-01 17:38