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Overseas enterprise's

Will come to the end along with the home to the MOCVD equipment's large amount subsidy in this month, simultaneously the LED overall terminal market performance was inferior that anticipated drops and so on factor influences largely with the LED rock pile crystal price, the anticipated the second half of this year domestic upstream led chip manufacturer will expand produces the plan to present the large scale revision.Mutual recognition
along with the compound semiconductor device (for example GaAs MMIC, InP MMIC as well as GaN blue light LED) the market unceasing expansion, the MOCVD system's demand grows unceasingly.

At present internationally the strength most abundant MOCVD system manufacturer includes: German Aixtron Corporation, US's Emcore Corporation, Britain's Thomass~ (in 1999 by the Aixtron annexation) and so on. Because the MOCVD system most essential question is guaranteed the material grows uniformity and duplication, therefore the different factory's MOCVD system most main difference lies in the reaction chamber structure.

Aixtron uses the planet response (Planetary Reactor), Emcore used the TurboDisc reaction chamber (this service oneself to sell for Veeco Corporation), Thomas Swan (this company in February, 2003 by the Aixtron annexation) is used Closed Coupled the Showerhead(CCS) reaction chamber.  

At present domestic has about import MOCVD system 200, Aixtron the MOCVD system and Emcore the MOCVD system occupies the overwhelming majority, has few Thomas Swan the MOCVD system, French ASM the MOCVD system and Japanese RIPPON SANSO the MOCVD system, mainly uses in GaN LD/LED the research and the manufacture. one after another massively started when the last year Domestic enterprise MOCVD, industry in produced about LED can the surplus discussion cause a clamor.

However, presented an ultra market expectation effect terminal demand power, the back light demand presented the blowout-like development in last year,Jewelry relations
in might say that to a certain extent counter-balanced the market regarding to produce can the surplus pressure. Just like OFweek analysis before this, in the LED back light domain, the Domestic enterprise very little involves, is far from can consume the domestic manufacturer to expand produces can the question. But, the overseas LED manufacturer is specially Taiwan manufacturer enlarges to the LED back light domain value, to a certain extent has also alleviated the domestic led enterprise respective market pressure of competition.

The domestic led chip manufacturer produced in the last year large scale expansion energy, was stems from to market prospect favoring as well as the Local authority to the MOCVD equipment's large amount subsidy, might say that the market prospect as well as government's subsidy into this round expanded produces the upsurge the main thrust force. Has the current situation is may expect that the current market demand is insufficient to support so huge after all produces can expand.however , good times don'ts last long.

Enters in 2011, the LED back light demand is worn out, Taiwan is related the LED enterprise achievement to appear slides large scale, simultaneously the South Korean manufacturer also slow terminated as a result of the LED back light television's growth related expanded produces the plan.

Speaking in current, the back light market will be the prime motors which the drawing entire LED industry will grow, the back light demand worn out will attack the entire LED profession intensely inevitably the growth. Although the Domestic enterprise respective market has not presented the great scope the fluctuation, but the overseas manufacturer already started to seek the LED product mix the adjustment,hotel interior design
shifts gradually the product by the back light to the illumination direction.

Overseas manufacturer's this action will bring the intense impact on the domestic LED manufacturer. The overseas enterprise's action will stimulate the domestic LED enterprise's nerve intensely, if the overseas enterprise will place the led illumination domain with emphasis, then in situation which, in the LED general illumination not yet opens, the domestic related LED manufacturer's survival pressure will further enlarge.

Therefore, this domestic LED chip manufacturer after expanding produces the plan the adjustment, although is impulsion's result, but speaking of the current situation is really a wise move. on the other hand, the home cannot continue regarding the MOCVD equipment's large amount subsidy, therefore in July (will also be this month) Yangzhou will stop to the MOCVD equipment's subsidy, simultaneously anticipated that the domestic other Local authority will also have the corresponding action.

This to will be in expands the childbirth time the LED chip manufacturer to bring the huge profit pressure, simultaneously starts massively MOCVD receives the demand not strength the influence, the current domestic part LED chip manufacturer produces can the use factor drop to 50%. This introduced the MOCVD equipment regarding the flowered large sum of money is a giant resources waste. At the same time, the related professional's flaw is also causes to produce can a use factor not high reason.

by Yyref | 2011-07-25 17:42